Do you offer curbside delivery or pick-up?
Yes. While it's not a requisite we are able to offer both at each location.

How do I order for pick-up?
You can order online and select the "pick-up" tab instead of the default "ship" tab. (the tabs are right above the delivery information) ...or just give us a call at (608) 845-1545.

How much is shipping?
Rates are based on the destination and size of the box. Most destinations cost between $11.00 to around $20.25 for 2nd business day delivery.

When will my order ship?
Orders placed before 3 PM CDT Monday through Friday generally ship the same day. Orders placed between 3 PM CDT on Friday and Monday normally ship on Monday.

How do you ship?
1 or 2 business day service.

When should I ship by Next Day Air?
We recommend it when the destination temperature is above 65 degrees.

Do you offer specials for weddings?
Yes. We can do most anything your heart desires. Most commonly we sell bulk chocolates or various two-piece box designs.

Do you ship outside the US?
Regrettably, we cannot ship outside the US. (Including Puerto Rico)

Where is your packaging made?
Our boxes are made by local businesses here in the US.

How does Candinas handle sustainability?
Our boxes have always been produced using recycled as well as post-consumer content, and our chocolate is made with beans from ethically sourced growers.

How long do your chocolates last?
We recommend that our chocolates be consumed within 10 days.

When was Candinas founded?
We are a small family business that was created in 1994.

What varieties do you have?
Varieties vary daily. We normally have between 11 and 15 varieties. Some chocolates are laced with spirits while others are blended with caramel, fruit purees, or nuts, and some are delicately infused with herbs and spices.

Can I customize a box?
While most of our customers prefer the assortments, we are happy to do customizations with the varieties available at that time.

Can I make a custom order through website?
In an effort to keep the website simple, custom orders can only be handled over the phone or by visiting our Verona facility.

Can I custom order a specific variety?
Yes, but we cannot guarantee that we will have a certain variety on a certain day.

What if I'm allergic to nuts?
We are happy to make a box without nut varieties. It is important to note that because the nut-free varieties are made in the same facility, there is the possibility of nut fragments in a chocolate.

Why don't you have a map/guide?
While most of our varieties stay the same, our assortment is constantly changing depending on what we happen to be making on that day or what ingredients are available to us; it is because of this that we find it impossible to maintain an accurate map.

Are your chocolates gluten free?
Yes. As per USDA guidelines they are gluten free.

How will I know what I'm eating?
Part of the Candinas experience is the game of determining what all of the varieties are; if that isn't a game that you enjoy playing, our link under "About Our Chocolates" shows our current varieties.

What is the cocoa content?
It varies depending on the chocolate. We use chocolate that has between 37% and 100% cocoa mass.