About Candinas

A small company located in Verona, Wisconsin, Candinas Chocolatier is dedicated to making the finest chocolates…anywhere. To founder and chocolatier Markus Candinas, this means creating the freshest confections; composing a harmonious blend of rich flavors and smooth textures for a taste that defies description. 

Markus learned his trade in a three-year apprenticeship program in Switzerland. This intensive education into the world of confectioneries served as a springboard and enabled him to work next to the best in his field, and eventually lead one of the finest confectioneries in Europe.

Although some might say with a name like "Candinas" it was Markus' destiny to start a chocolate factory. In reality, it was his passion for fine foods, and in particular, for all things sweet, that drove him to create his collection of chocolate mastery.

Since opening its doors in 1994, Candinas Chocolatier has shown its dedication towards the finest confections by using the finest ingredients, domestic and imported, and without resorting to artifice or gimmickry but rather by letting the taste of our creations speak for themselves. It is because of this that we decided to package our confections, not in the usual shiny gold or black boxes, but rather something more individual and refined. It may not be the typical box, but then we wouldn't consider having such an untypical chocolate in anything else but an untypical package.