Road Open!
The Bridge Replacement Work on Old PB, Verona is now complete
We look forward to seeing you!

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Candinas Chocolates are made by Swiss-trained confectioner Markus Candinas using only the finest ingredients. This means they have no preservatives, which means they must be eaten right away. This, however, is not a problem.


Here at Candinas we believe chocolate, as food in general, is best when consumed fresh. Because of this, you will not find a Candinas Chocolate anywhere but in our own retail boutique located in our very own Verona factory. This way you can be assured that no chocolate has been stored in a warehouse or kept on a shelf. Which means we don't have to alter what tastes best to accommodate the otherwise time consuming retail distribution process.


Created with equal parts artistry, science and love, our chocolates impart a taste that compares favorably to the very best in the world. Whether it's the superior blend of rich flavors or the amazingly smooth textures, each chocolate is a composition of balance and harmony certain to please even the most discriminating of taste buds.